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Cost Phototech TD 1102

COST PHOTOTECH TD1102 “Photosynthetic proteins for technological applications: biosensors and biochips”

COST TD1102 aimed to create an international research network of experts and early stage researchers involved in the study of all aspects of photosynthesis necessary for the development of photosynthesis-based bio-devices, with a special focus on biosensors. The main outcome was the development of a fully characterized class of bio-organic-inorganic hybrid biosensors to be first applied in environmental monitoring and agri-food quality analysis.


Biosensors Srl supported the design and production of two main prototypes AMP-BIOSENS & ANTIOX-BIOSENS that were used to produce the biosensors described below.

Exploiting the AMP-BIOSENS:

Prototype datasheet at:

  • Insights into photo-electrochemical sensing of herbicides driven by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells.

  • A photosynthetic biosensor with enhanced electron transfer generation realized by laser printing technology.

  • A polyphenol biosensor realized by laser printing technology

Exploiting the ANTIOX-BIOSENS

Prototype datasheet at:

  • Application of an optimized electrochemical sensor for monitoring astaxanthin antioxidant properties against lipoperoxidation